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Black Horse Corner Ghost Town

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My search has uncovered some facts about this vanishing town, as it once was called and by talking to the property owner. There is still , a well preserved cheese factory, barn, smokehouse and an unofficial house that remain the last of the town of Black Horse Corner. The cheese factory, barn, and smokehouse[ yet to ask about] is on the farm of Jeff Stager[ family owned 105yrs] and is very busy[ on an active farm] thus FM[plus 180yrs.old]. E. Stager bought the farm in 1910 from Ben Snyder. The cheese factory is said to have been built in 1835 with partial proof carved in the walls, May 1835!! The one and a half storey former cheese factory represents an important example of early nineteenth century industrial non-mill structure used by the early settlers in the area. The hotel foundation were found on his property a few years ago. He drew up some maps [in the gallery].

The cheese factory has many artifacts inside as shown. He is using the building to work on his solar panel project. It is just amazing it is not a 1 bedroom apartment now. Very good light but really cold. The unofficial only house [in the 2nd to last picture] will not allow anyone in to document it. Before the Inn burnt down in 1875, it kept black horses, and one night some vanished, the article said , not stolen. The old Black Horse Corner sign has been replaced and now sits inside.

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    My grandparents knew Jeff and my Mom remembers him but had no idea about the cheese factory ect. Love that its preserved. For sure wanna get there sometime.

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