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Day Mills (ghost town)

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Sunday, January 1, 2006

During the late nineteenth century settlers began arriving in the area of what is now the Municipality of Huron Shores. With no roads yet constructed, they arrived by open water during the summer and over the ice during winter. The majority of boats dropped off passengers at Bruce Mines while occasionally docking in Thessalon. From the docks, settlers would then have to take bush trails to their destination.

There was no post office at the time and mail had to be received in Blind River.

Two early settlers to the area, the Taits and the Tullochs cut out what would be the first road in the area. This road connected their farms until approximately the year 1880 when the road was extended eastward to Blind River. Another road was created that connected Thessalon to Day Mills.

In 1885, John Boyd built a bridge joining the two roads together. The bridge was washed out in a flood the following spring.
The availability of ample lumber resulted in many sawmills being created. One of these sawmills was built on Harris Creek. A grist -mill was added to process the settler's grain crops. A furniture and box factory was also later constructed.

A community began to build up around the mill and became known as Day Mills. The town site was laid out east and west of Harris Creek.

Today, Portage Street will take you east of the old creek. Dehler's Campground is the location of the former Alpha Goma Club. The Hunt Club stood across the lake while Bill Phillip's Lodge stood at the northwestern end of the lake. Melwel Lodge stood at the eastern end and Indiana Bay is now the Basswood Camp along the southern shore.

Today all that is left of Day Mills is the cemetery, located on private property. There are approximately ten grave markers and the last burial was in 1913.

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Day Mills (ghost town)
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