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Pefferlaw Farm and Silo

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Monday, November 18, 2013

This is basically a farm and silo located in pefferlaw. I don't know much about the place just that its abandoned and is right beside housing. A man that lives at the house right beside the farm came out but was nice enough to let us explore the barn. Theres lots of tires and rotted things around the area as well as a corn feild. The map is not exact but its very close. Although the guy was nice enough to let us explore the place i would suggest taking pre-cautions with going to this location.

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Barn and Silo
Pefferlaw Farm and Silo
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Access: Basic
Status: Abandoned
Location #: 9899
Type: Barn.


Address: 99 Pefferlaw Road, Georgina, ON L0E 1N0, Canada

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I apologize for the blurry photos. I was in a rush to leave so i snapped these photos quick so my hands were shaky. If i go back i will take better ones.

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