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Sunset Cove House

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

By all outward appearances this could be an old home.

Upon closer examination though, you will notice that the exterior and interior are created entirely of cement. There are metal cabinets built into the walls as well as large round holes - for an unknown purpose.

As you can see from one photo, there looks to be a cement bench built along one wall.

I have no idea what this place might have been... potential doomsday shelter? religious cult?

Info from SueZombs:

Please note that there are some "No Trespassing " signs. There was nobody on the property, yet we found some items in one part of the house. (the items appeared old and weathered such as papers, painted rocks and even a small portable toilet). Perhaps some folks spent a few nights. (although not recommend). There is also spray painting stating there are cameras and pit bulls, this was definitely not the case.

This house was fun and interesting to explore. It is mostly made of concrete, some parts, such as parts of the roof are falling apart but for the most part the rooms are in tact. When exploring the basement, my phone battery drained rapidly, going from 42% to 12% within about 20 seconds. Makes me wonder about the history in this house.
There are some stories such as: a man built it for his wife and young daughter, who then passed away. This is unconfirmed, but interesting.

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Sunset Cove House
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Access: Basic
Status: Abandoned
Location #: 1887
Type: House or Farm.


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Still there but very eerie vibes.. our phones didn't properly work until we left.

Checked it out its still there but it was really creepy there but I enjoyed it

Thanks SueZombs!

Totally strange place, especially those three recessed cylindrical drums in the basement wall. Anyone have an explanation as to what those would be for?

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