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Wholey Barn

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Photos inside soon to come!

I come to this barn a lot, it is in the middle of a field, and its very peaceful, it has a large oak tree out front that has collapsed over to one side, and some old farm equipment in the front and some in the back of the barn. An old boat is on the right side of the barn. Inside you will find a lot of different animal pens, along with some bones from deceased animals. There is a lot of old doors window frames etc, in the front part of the building that I have yet to walk through because of the pile up of stuff. There is a ladder leading to the upper part of the barn, the floor is mostly good but it is obvious where there is decay. Be safe when going to the upstairs part.

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Wholey Barn
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Access: Basic
Status: Abandoned
Location #: 12875
Type: Barn.
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    Address: 1178 Road 4 West, Kingsville, ON, Canada

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