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Abandoned Places in Thunder Bay District

Location Albums Type
Abandoned Garage on 102Other
Armstrong Attack BaseMilitary
Bowman Island Fish CampCommercial
Burchell Lake (ghost town)Ghost Town
Burned in LappeHouse or Farm
Cameron Falls (ghost town)Ghost Town
Candy MountainRecreational
Collapsing Stubby HouseHouse or Farm
Conmee Pioneer CollapseHouse or Farm
Conmee Stove AbandonmentHouse or Farm
Copper ManorHouse or Farm
Dave's Not HereHouse or Farm
Dawson Lots Pioneer CollapseHouse or Farm
Devon Township House #2House or Farm
Domtar Paper MillMill/Foundry
First Nations Catholic ChurchChurch
Forbes Collapsed Pioneer HouseHouse or Farm
Forgotten Pioneer HomesteadHouse or Farm
Fourway Public SchoolEducational
Frantic Angel HouseHouse or Farm
Garage of wondersOther
GarbagelandHouse or Farm
Graffiti AbandonmentHouse or Farm
Harry Island HiltonOther
Harry's HideawayRecreational
Heron Bay (ghost town)Ghost Town
Hidden off the HighwayHouse or Farm
Ivar's PlaceHouse or Farm
Jackfish (ghost town)Ghost Town
Jacques HideawayRecreational
Kakabeka Abandoned CabinRecreational
Kakabeka Skunk FarmHouse or Farm
Kam Pioneer HouseHouse or Farm
Kam River CabinRecreational
Little PonderosaRecreational
Lybster Pioneer FarmHouse or Farm
Lyceum TheatreOther
Mabella HouseHouse or Farm
MacGregor Riverside CabinsRecreational
Manitoba PoolIndustrial
McIntyre River CabinRecreational
Motorcycle Pioneer FarmHouse or Farm
Mount McKay Ski LiftRecreational
My PlaceRecreational
Nipigon Ski HillOther
Nolalu ScreenshackOther
Nor'westers Plane CrashOther
North Lake StationRailway
North Lake Station (Replica)Railway
O'Connor Cabin HideawayRecreational
O'Connor ManorHouse or Farm
Old Dawson DecayHouse or Farm
Old Dawson Pioneer HouseHouse or Farm
Old Silver Mountain HouseHouse or Farm
Old West Style Bar/GrillCommercial
Padres Abandoned CabinOther
Paipoonge Pioneer HomesteadHouse or Farm
Pallisades AhoyHouse or Farm
Pallisades PalaceHouse or Farm
Parallel FaultHouse or Farm
Pardee Bear Scratch PostHouse or Farm
Pardee Boat HomesteadHouse or Farm
Pardee Pioneer CollapseHouse or Farm
Pardee Pioneer HouseHouse or Farm
Pass Lake Collapsed CabinHouse or Farm
Pearson in SeafoamHouse or Farm
Pigeon River Provincial ParkRecreational
Port Coldwell (ghost town)Ghost Town
Red Insulbrick CollapseHouse or Farm
Red Trim in LybsterHouse or Farm
Riverview RacewayRecreational
Ruby Lake Marble QuarryMine
Shuniah MineMine
Sistonen's GarageHouse or Farm
Swampside Pioneer CollapseHouse or Farm
Tashota (ghost town)Railway
The Empire HotelMotel/Hotel
Tom's PlaceHouse or Farm
Treefarm Collapsed HouseHouse or Farm
Ware Pioneer RuinsHouse or Farm
Washbucket Pioneer CollapseHouse or Farm
Wishart CabinRecreational
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